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Adolf Benca was born in Stupava, Slovakia. As a child he already loved to draw pictures of cowboys and Native Indians, and as a seven-year old he already illustrated children’s books.

In 1968. his family emigrated to USA over Vienna, Austria. The title of an academic painter he received in University of Colombia in New York, and he successfully studied anatomy in University of Bologne. Today he is stated as an honorary doctor in the areas of anatomy, philosophy and a life-time member of American, French and German academy.

Some critics justifiably compare him to Rembrandt, Goya and Munch. His works are displayed in prestigious galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in Washington,  in Atlanta, Rome, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, and in the Slovakian National Gallery, as well as in swimming Gallery in Bratislava.

Adolf Benca has created close to four thousand art pieces – high dimension oil on canvas. He has had over a hundred independent exhibitions all over the world.

Strength, distinction and uniqueness of expression have made his work to rarity artifacts that are highly valued, even for American standards.

It is a paradox – value, sense, and price of his art pieces uncover the size and even the misery of man, society and social history; and are a provocation to the current world powers, that aim to obtain these pieces – in spite of being critical and reminding to said powers that the current „world theater“ is in their hands.

The astonishing and and the same time amazing fact is that the art of Adolf Benca, academic painter of Slovakian heritage,  are bought and displayed in the most prestigious galleries in America, Europe and Asia. Two prestigious pieces were bought and are displayed at Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Most of his work today is in the hands of private collectors and modern art galleries across the globe. Adolf Benca is justifiably so one of the Top 10 living artists of modern world art.